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Manufacturers Spotlight

Until recently, capable long-range hunting rifles were simply not affordable for the average big game hunter. The moderate cost for a standard long-range rifle started around $3,000. The best from a custom shop could range from $6,000 to $8,000 and this craze has continued. The good news is Mossberg has added the Long-Range Tactical Rifle to their Patriot line in three different calibers. 

Big game hunters that are looking for a rifle to fit their budget and extend down range confidence will find the all-new Patriot LR Tactical to be a top choice. Mossberg designed the rifle to achieve high levels of accuracy at extended distances in an adjustment-ready, customizable package. The MDT® stock has aluminum V-Block bedding for improved accuracy and an M-LOK® compatible for-end. 

• New Design MDT stock is adjustable for LOP (7.5”) and cheek-rest (2”), features a contrasting checkered grip and M-Lok attachment slots 

• Aluminum V-Block bedding for barrel stability 

• Medium Bull/Threaded 22” Barrel 

• Top-mounted 20 MOA Picatinny rail 

• AICS-style magazine 

• Standard Patriot features include: Drop box magazine, spiral fluted bolt, patented LBA user-adjustable trigger (2-7lbs.), and an oversized bold handle 

• When looking for a long-range hunting rifle there are several factors to consider for your success in the field. Mossberg’s expert engineers have taken into account all of the components that insist on the best in a long-range rifle for big game hunters. After more than 100 years in business the company’s number one priority continues to be customer satisfaction. The new Patriot LR Rifle sets the high standard that O. F. Mossberg & Sons demand of all their American made firearms! 

To learn more about the new LR Rifle and the other fine Mossberg Firearms visit their website at

Mossberg's New LR Tactical Rifle
by Denny Quaiff



Lucky Buck Minerals
by Chuck Nease


This is one of the best things you can do for your bucks and deer herd in the off season. It is easy, inexpensive and it works. Lucky Buck minerals have been producing bigger racks and healthier fawns by providing the key supplements when they need it most. Just pick a suitable location, remove the leaves and scatter around a 6-foot circle on bare soil. Set up a camera and start your herd survey. Your camera study will be a strong indication of how many mature bucks are using the area and help with your harvest selection in the fall. To get started, just pick up a 20lb. bucket at your local sporting goods store or contact Lucky Buck at 888-816-2786. 

Gamehide ElimiTick Facemask
by Bruce Ingram

“I noticed that there weren’t any mosquitoes flying around your head, but they were all over mine,” said a friend on an early season deer hunt. I had to smile at the guy’s remarks because I knew the reason the vicious little insects were leaving me alone. 

It was because I was wearing a Gamehide Elimitick Facemask, which, with its Insect Shield technology, keeps away ticks, mosquitoes, flies, and other pests. But that’s not all of this product’s virtues. 

The Stretch Flex fabric extends four ways so that I can adjust the mask perfectly. For example, if it’s a humid day and my glasses are fogging, I can adjust the mask so it sits higher on my head and well below my nose. If I’m in a blind or tree stand, and I want to obscure my face as much as possible that too can be accomplished. 

Another virtue is that the Gamehide product is highly breathable and won’t interfere with hearing. For more information:

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